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Earn PxlPoints everyday, simply by doing an assortment of things! Average points earned by users who log in every day is between 500-10,000 (which is equal to $0.50 to $10.00)! Publishers and Affiliate Marketers can earn 2x to 3x as much each day. Here’s different ways you can get points:

Uploading Images & Videos To Galleries

Upload any images you like, or share a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, DailyMotion, or Instagram, and publish a gallery. You get points for publishing, for every visitor that comes to your page, and for comments for the life of your post!

Plus earn PxlPoints when your content is shared on social media. Popular posts can easily go viral and earn thousands of points within a few days.

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Upload Image & Video Galleries

Upload Image & Video Galleries pxlpoints watchingpixels photographers

Create an image or video gallery and publish it! You can upload a lot of images to 1 gallery, or make several galleries. You earn PxlPoints every day when people visit the gallery, rate a picture and/or make a comment.

Commenting & Rating Galleries

Upload Image & Video Galleries pxlpoints watchingpixels photographers

Do you prefer watching videos and looking at image galleries? Then do so and earn PxlPoints for every valid comment and rating you give! Comments are moderated, so make them genuine and not self promoting/link spam.

Earn from watching videos, commenting on them, and rating them! Visit the Video section and the Image Galleries.

Playing Free Games

We have a HUGE selection of free (that’s right free!) mobile & non-mobile friendly games. Get rewarded your PxlPoints every time you play a game. Score the highest points for and get a PxlPoints bonus every week!

Visit the Game section!

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Follow Us On Social Media

We post daily free PxlPoints you can claim to our social media channels. Pick your favorite places and follow us! We’re very active on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, SnapChat and Reddit!

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Participate in Surveys, Sweepstakes and Contests

Earn PxlPoints by taking quizzes, signing up for surveys, registering for free promotions and discount sites. Share your information and find some really awesome discounts!

Check out our promotions!

Redeem PxlPoints For Merchandise

Have you seen our shop? Redeem your PxlPoints for eGift Cards such as Target, Amazon, Wallmart, VISAand much much more!

Plus, when you redeem and complete a eGift Card order, we’ll send you more PxlPoints to help you get your total balance up again!

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Earn Interest

Every month, we award interest to your account to help your points grow! That’s right, you get 2% of your total PxlPoints added to your account on a monthly basis. Think of how your savings account grows with interest from a bank. Well, we do the same. There are only two requirements:

  • You must have a minimum of 500 PxlPoints in your total balance.
  • You must log in once a month and do an activity (Watch a video, upload a gallery, comment, rate, redeem your points for merchandise, etc.)