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Let’s be honest here. I started Watching Pixels with one condition in mind: it must be easy for you, the end user, to earn money online. We have tried out our competitors over the past few years, and honestly when it comes to surveys it can be a real pain. Either I wouldn’t qualify and not get a survey, I could qualify but i have to answer about 2 minutes of questions first, or (on a rare occasion) I would qualify and earn $0.10 cents. It ended up being a waste of time.

If you don’t believe it, just Google (competitor site) survey frustrating, or something similar, and you will find hundreds of people getting the same thing. The latest trend is a message that “this survey has reached maximum capacity.” How likely are you to try it again after getting these frustrating messages?

You can find threads on Reddit, articles on thepennyhoarder.com, and many other places you can review these rewards sites.

On Watching Pixels, we only list a few places that we have had great experiences! To maximize how much you earn a day, you should keep these few sites in your quick links. We’ll reward you for signing up, and if you want to continue using them you may do so. How much can you earn filling out surveys and polls? You can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey. Simply sign up for free and watch your email for survey alerts.

We also offer a few surveys and polls. They change out every month and we reward you instantly. You won’t do a survey and not be rewarded here. Your time is valuable.

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Opinion Outpost

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